​​​​​​​INFORM 2018
​September 2nd & 3rd in Athens Greece preceding the SSIEM

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Enhancing Expression and Chaperoning Unstable Proteins: 
Getting closer to effective therapy for fatty acid b-oxidation disorders

​Al-Walid Mohsen, PhD Research Associate Professor of Pediatrics Medical Genetics,
Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh / University of Pittsburgh.

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Loss of retinal pigment epithelium: the initial event in LCHAD retinopathy progression?

Melanie Gillingham, PhD, RD Associate Professor /Department of Molecular and Medical Genetics
Graduate Programs in Human Nutrition / Oregon Health & Science University

Modeling LCHAD retinopathy in a patient derived retinal pigment epithelium
Tiffany DeVine, PhD / Postdoctoral researcher /Department of Molecular and Medical Genetics
Oregon Health & Science University